Scientific Program

Sessions will include:

  • The Pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases - diverse clinical aspects
  • Factors in autoimmunity and how to overcome them
  • Microbiome, biomarkers and regulatory autoantibodies
  • Vitamin D, B-Cells, diagnosis and thyroiditis
  • Systemic sclerosis, ANCA, Lupus and APS
  • Personalized medicine, IgG4, and DFS70 
  • Cancer, genetic, IVIG, adjuvants, cannabis and circadian

FRIDAY, 30 JUNE 2017

Opening Ceremony

14:00-18:00 Gathering & Registration in Exhibition Area

Dorit Tanay

Yehuda Shoenfeld


Welcome words

Lecture: "Music and pain"

Lecture: "Autoimmunity: past, present and future"

Ceremony Adjourn

Networking Reception


Session 1-D1. Title: The Pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases

Chairpersons: Andrea Doria (Italy), Anat Achiron (Israel), Raul Gainetdinov (Russia)

08:30-08:50Luc MouthonFrancePathophysiology of systemic sclerosis
08:50-09:10Shir AzrielantIsraelVitamin D and autoimmunity
09:10-09:30Eugeny NasonovRussiaThe need for preclinical and clinical biomarkers in systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases
09:30-09:50Ricard CerveraSpainCatastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome
09:50-10:10Carlo PerriconeItalySmoking and autoimmunity
10:10-10:30PMI lecturer TBACigarette replacement (e-cigarettes and nicotine heating system)– can they be beneficial for autoimmunity

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition

Session 2-D1. Title: Autoimmune diseases - diverse clinical aspects

Chairpersons: Roberto Perricone (Italy), Dimitrios Bogdanos (Greece), Valery Chereshnev (Russia)

11:00-11:20Angela Tincani ItalyPregnancy and APS
11:20-11:35Shani Dahan IsraelNutritional factors of the mosaic of autoimmunity 
11:35-11:55Aleksander PoletaevRussiaImmunculus mapping: pathway to predictive medicine
11:55-12:10Yahel Segal IsraelHuman papillomavirus (HPV) - a novel possible trigger for the development of SLE
12:10-12:30Elena KornevaRussiaNeuroimmune Interactions, stress and immune function disorders
12:30-12:45Amir Tanay IsraelAlzheimer disease and autoimmunity
12:45-13:00Carlo Salvarani ItalyGiant cell arteritis - update

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break, Exhibition

Session 3-D1. Title: Factors in autoimmunity and how to overcome them

Chairpersons: Angela Tincani (Italy), Yoram Levo (Israel), Elena Korneva (Russia)

14:00-14:20Roberto Perricone ItalyThe role of complement in autoimmune diseases
14:20-14:40Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert NetherlandsSilicone breast implants: does they cause autoimmune diseases?
14:40-15:00Elon Pras IsraelGenetics and autoimmunity
15:00-15:20Piotr LitvickiRussiaRole of monocyte/macrophage phenotypes and their targeted re-programming in arthritis with systemic manifestations
15:20-15:40Anat Achiron IsraelMultiple Sclerosis - neuroimmunology update 2017
15:40-16:00Andrea Doria ItalyTreat-to-target in SLE

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break, Exhibition

Session 4-D1. Title: Microbiome, biomarkers and regulatory autoantibodies

Chairpersons: Pnina Langevitz (Israel), David D'Cruz (UK), Vadim Mazurov (Russia)

16:30-16:50Boris Gilburd IsraelAnti-HMGCR autoantibodies and Immune mediated necrotizing myopathy
16:50-17:10Elena AlexandrovaRussiaMolecular and cell biomarker in autoimmune diseases
17:10-17:30Dimitrios Bogdanos GreeceFrom microbiome to autoinfectome in autoimmunity
17:30-17:50Sergey NikitinRussiaAutoimmune plexopathy: current management
17:50-18:10Gabriela Riemekasten GermanyRegulatory antibodies as a novel concept in physiology and autoimmune diseases
18:10-18:30Omry Koren IsraelThe microbiome at the crossroads of autoimmunity


Session 1-D2. Title: Vitamin D, B-Cells, diagnosis and thyroiditis

Chairpersons: Gabriela Riemekasten (Germany), Joab Chapman (Israel), Aleksander Poletaev (Russia)

08:30-08:50Nicola Bizzaro ItalyDiagnostics of autoimmune diseases
08:50-09:10Elias Toubi IsraelThe wide role of B cells in autoimmunity
09:10-09:30Chris Edwards UKBiological therapies for rheumatic inflammatory diseases; Dose reduction
09:30-09:50Leonid Churilov RussiaAutoimmune thyroiditis: 105 Years of the most prevalent autoimmune endocrine disease
09:50-10:10Howard Amital IsraelWhat can we learn from the use of large databases?
10:10-10:30Caterina De Carolis ItalyRole of HLA DQ2 DQ8 and Vitamin D in recurrent miscarriage

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition

Session 2-D2. Title: Systemic sclerosis, ANCA, Lupus and APS

Chairpersons: Ori Elkayam (Israel), Chris Edwards (UK), Areg Totolyan (Russia)

11:00-11:15Yair Levi IsraelTocilizumab and systemic sclerosis - our experience
11:15-11:35Jan Damoiseaux NetherlandsANCA detection in clinical practice: a new international consensus
11:35-11:55Vadim Mazurov RussiaImmunological targets in systemic autoimmune diseases
11:55-12:10Gisele Goddard IsraelLupus and microbiome
12:10-12:30Valeriy Chereshnev RussiaAutoimmune diseases in children
12:25-12:40Chaim PuttermanUSATargeting macrophages for the treatment of lupus nephritis
12:40-13:00Joab Chapman IsraelThe antiphospholipid syndrome and the central nervous system.

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break, Exhibition

Session 3-D2. Title: Personalized medicine, IgG4, and DFS70

Chairpersons: Howard Amital (Israel), Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert (Netherlands), Piotr Yablonsky (Russia)

14:00-14:20David D'Cruz UKIgG4 related disease: an update
14:20-14:40Ori Elkayam IsraelPersonalized medicine in rheumatology
14:40-15:00Miri Blank IsraelHelminths, TPC and autoimmunity
15:00-15:20Yaakov Berkun IsraelDADA2 - vasculitis and beyond
15:20-15:40Alexey KubanovRussiaThe targets for therapy in autoimmune skin diseases
15:40-16:00Ora Shovman IsraelDFS70 antibodies in patients with and without systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break, Exhibition

Session 4-D2. Title: Cancer, genetic, IVIG, adjuvants, cannabis and circadian

Chairpersons: Gabriela Riemekasten (Germany), Shuki Shemer (Israel), Vladimir Kokryakov (Russia)

16:30-16:50Michael Ehrenfeld IsraelCancer and autoimmune diseases - the role of biological therapies in autoimmune diseases and malignancies
16:50-17:10Sergey GuljaevRussiaThe genetic aspects of giant cell arteritis
17:10-17:25Asaf Shemer IsraelIVIG - an update
17:25-17:45Mark GolovizninRussiaImmune system as a somatic incarnation of human virtual nature
17:45-18:00Abdulla Watad IsraelAdjuvants, autoimmunity and lymphomas
18:00-18:15Dror Maimon IsraelFlights, circadian and autoimmunity
18:15-18:30Daphna Katz IsraelCannabis and autoimmune diseases

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